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Managing and preserving the know-how and skills of Emilia-Romagna

A solid competitive base

The advanced mechanics industry of Emilia-Romagna has significant potential for growth, and there are many different examples of developing companies within the region. However, there is a need to consolidate the region’s competitive base and potential for growth

Competitive products

The industry of Emilia-Romagna has several distinctive features. Firstly, there is a large number of very diverse companies; secondly, the industrial presence is close-knit, systemic and widespread across the region; finally, technical specialisation and product competitiveness are first-rate, with a high degree of exposure to international competitive pressure

In order to maintain and strengthen the success of the advanced mechanics industry, the region should have the opportunity to hold its own in the new competitive environment, by promoting the technical potential which would otherwise be lost.

Wide reach of industry across the region

This calls for the consolidation and development of technical know-how and product quality, on the one hand, and a strong defence of the diversity and wide reach of the region’s industry on the other.

Technical excellence

There is a need to reinforce the technical excellence of the region’s products and production techniques, by renewing manufacturing facilities, updating manufacturing techniques and forms of organisation, and introducing quality systems and technologies that can guarantee safety not only in the workplace but also in the external environment, thanks to effective environmental management systems.


There is a need to promote the capacity for innovation, which should be cultivated in close contact with the world of scientific research. We need to foster creative talent and a proactive, problem-solving approach, which ties in with the ability to provide a rapid response to the market, thanks to efficient ways of circulating information, carrying out business transactions and dealing with logistics.   

The region's industrial network should raise its profile on the international scene, and should be put in a position to optimise the control of its manufacturing networks, markets, supply chains and technical collaborations on a global scale. Most importantly, the European Union should provide assurances of continuity and financial solidity.   


Finally, another vital element is the possibility of drawing on external economies, synergies and collaborations on a local level in order to encourage specialisation, independent learning and innovation through industrial policies in which regional and local government may also play a part.   

Regional quality

All this is necessary because the advanced mechanics industry of Emilia-Romagna can boast 

  • an industrial territory which can generate innovative ideas in terms of processes and products; 
  • a high level of self-generated know-how among local technicians; 
  • a business community which is strongly rooted in the region - but with a broad international reach - and is able to communicate, collaborate and construct its future with international partners.

Challenging environmental objectives

The industrial automation industry in Emilia-Romagna needs to achieve more challenging environmental objectives in order to maintain its competitive edge over other regions, in terms of reducing CO2 and NOx.