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Reinforce emerging sectors

Companies need to be supported and assisted when it comes to research and innovation on enabling technologies, in order to strengthen emerging services and sectors. Special attention should be paid to promoting private-sector investment in R&D, and dealing with problems specific to SMEs.   

Strategic investments and market leadership

These  should be our priorities now and in the future: increasing strategic investment and strengthening the position of market leadership, in the sector of industrial technologies and services, by providing targeted support to ITC (including micro-/nanoelectronics and photonics), nanotechnologies, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing systems, low-carbon emission technologies and adaptation technologies. In particular g an integrated approach to the key enabling technologies and easier access to risk capital should be ensured(based on the risk-sharing finance mechanism indicated by the 7th Framework Programme PQ and CIP financial instruments).   

Radical and incremental innovation

The policies of European programmes should be implemented within the system of industrial districts, so that each enterprise collaborate in developing INCREMENTAL and RADICAL INNOVATION through relations enabling innovation management. These relations should be constructed on the basis of a network of research centres that will help to develp new technologies.

Promoting the district

There is a need to create and maintain a mutually beneficial link between the world of research and industry, in order to promoting the business district of Emilia-Romagna, a region with a long industrial tradition.   

Radical innovation

We need to lay the foundations for a radical innovation that will help the region to overcome its limitations; the slimitations, when taken to extremes, result in ongoing efforts to perfect a product or technology without realising that the world is moving in another direction. Unlike incremental innovation - the dedication to continuous improvement in which, for example, Japanese industry excels - radical innovation requires a qualitative leap and a measurable technological progress. Not only does it require intelligence, know-how and know-why, but has a far greater chance of realisation in a context in which there is an interplay of ideas. The lateral thinking fostering a qualitative leap is stimulated by looking at the problem from another point of view.   

Stimulating the culture

There is a need to stimulate local culture and provide tools to allow each single company to generate and select those ideas which are worthwhile not only in the short term, but especially in the future.

This will be possible through:

  • projects co-funded by the EIB,
  • new forms of guarantee funds,
  • private equity agreements,
  • public financing.