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The advanced mechanics industry of Emilia-Romagna has significant potential for growth, and there are many different examples of developing industries. However, there is a need to consolidate the region’s competitive position and potential for growth.

The industry of Emilia-Romagna has several distinctive features. Firstly, there is a large number of very diverse companies; secondly, the industrial presence is close-knit, systemic and widespread across the region; finally, technical specialisation and product competitiveness are first-rate, with a high degree of exposure to international competitive pressure.

Competitive success

In order to maintain and strengthen the success of the advanced mechanics industry, the region should have the opportunity to hold its own in the new competitive environment, by promoting the technical potential which would otherwise be lost.

Promoting and consolidating know-how

This calls for the consolidation and development of technical know-how and product quality, on the one hand, and a strong defence of the diversity and wide reach of the region’s industry on the other.

International presence

The region's industrial network needs to raise its profile on the international scene, and it must be put in a position to optimise the control of its manufacturing networks, markets, supply chains and technical collaborations on a global scale. Most importantly, the European Community must provide assurances of continuity and financial solidity.

New markets

Members need to be supported in expanding into new markets such as China, India, Brazil and Russia. New business investment strategies must be developed by means of:

  • participation in EU programmes intended to support the internationalisation of European industry;
  • support for relations with universities and regional governments.