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ERA 4.0: E.R.-AMIAT's initiative to support the development of European industry

Nowadays enterprises are increasingly capable of offering tailor-made products, thanks to the quick development of new IT technologies within and without the company, and this process is fostering their entry in the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It is a worldwide phenomenon that is going to bring a dramatic change not only into production processes, but also into the dynamics of market relations. The need to identify smart solutions to reconcile productivity and sustainability according to the new market requests is going to change the manufacturer-consumer relation deeply. The enterprise is no longer going to be the only interpreter of market needs, but new players – first and foremost, final consumers – are giving their contribution to new products. On the one hand final consumers tend to choose products and services fostering economic, social and environmental sustainability; on the other, technology advances promote bottom-up participation and constant interactionith the world of enterprises. This convergence reconciles the interests of enterprises and society through the creation of shared value:  the market is increasingly going to reward the companies that care for their community and encourage their social, cultural and economic growth by redistributing surplus and enhancing the citizens’ purchasing power; enterprises, on the other hand, thanks to market requests, are going to profit from creating social value, which is an essential component of their future competitiveness.

Considering the weight of such changes, the European Commission has invited E.R.-AMIAT to study new business practices and models that may reconcile the technological dimension of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with the social dimension by means of the Corporate Social Innovation, that is, the creation of shared value. To reach this objective, E.R.-AMIAT suggests that the packaging sector may provide a relevant test bed for new research trajectories on CSI within a European project.