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Objectives and Activities

A prosperous, thriving region

E.R.-AMIAT aims to create the conditions for a prosperous, thriving region, in line with the objectives of the European Council.

With the diffusion of products, culture, skills and knowledge, E.R.-AMIAT offers a direct contribution to its own region, a contribution which indirectly extends to the rest of Europe.

New technological applications

E.R.-AMIAT intends to promote the advancement of new applications developed within the field of scientific and technological research in Europe and beyond, within the industrial system of Emilia-Romagna. The association has a particular focus on the manufacturers of equipment, machinery and systems used in the industrial automation of production and packaging processes, and other companies in the production chain that provide materials and services (design, simulation and logistics etc.), as well as sensors, mechanical, electronic and pneumatic components.

Needs, potential and programmes

Another objective of E.R.-AMIAT is to put in place targeted training programmes to enable the acquisition of the skills required for these new applications.

In order to represent these aims and obtain the finance needed to achieve them, E.R.-AMIAT intends to give visibility to its needs, potential and programmes, by presenting them to the institutions of the European Union.

System of enterprises

The high concentration of mechanical and electronic know-how in Emilia-Romagna has led to the development of a complex system of enterprises. This system, in turn, has created interconnected networks of sub-suppliers which, in addition to the logistical advantages offered by the local dimension, can also provide the specialisation and flexibility typically found in small and medium-sized companies.

European representative

The association also aims to represent the needs and interests of Emilia-Romagna’s advanced mechanics industry within Europe. It does this by organising conferences and seminars, and by publishing informative material in order to promote the formation of partnerships with the aim of furthering the association’s aims.